Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Resource for your Practice: Active Living Webinar Series

Urban Poling is providing an Active Living Webinar Series. These 45 minute free webinars feature guest speakers and a variety of topics. 

Upcoming Webinars
Active Living for Stroke Rehabilitation - March 29, 2017; 9:00am PT
Active Living for Primary Health Care - April 20, 2017; 9:00am PT

Recorded Webinars
Active Living with Parkinson's with Dr. Becky Farley, PhD (PT), PWR
Active Rehab for Pre & PostHip/Knee Surgery with Dr. Daniel Bechard (PhD)
Active Living for Cancer Rehab with Judy Boivin, PT, Clinical Lead for Cancer Rehab (LifeMark)
Active Living with Spinal Stenosis with Hilary Jebson, PT Acute Spine Unit
Active Rehab for Traumatic SpinalInjuries with Kristina Ploude, PT Toronto Rehab Centre
Active Living with Arthritis with Peter Vavougios, PT

Monday, 27 March 2017

Final week to complete Private Practice Fee Survey

CAOT-BC is currently reviewing occupational therapy rates in British Columbia. The CAOT-BC Private Practice Fee Survey is reviewed bi-annually and was last updated in 2015.  The fee survey information is widely used by a variety of stakeholders who fund occupational therapy services. If you work in private practice (part or full time) please provide your input before March 31—the survey should take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete. The survey questions address rehabilitation services, medical-legal services, rehabilitation assistant services as well as administrative charges.

The survey will be open from March 1 to March 31, 2017- you can complete it here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/caotbc-feesurvey-2017

Thank you for your participation. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Evidence for OT: In-Home Occupational Therapy Curbs Depression in Visually Impaired Patients

Photo credit: skobo via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA
Findings from a recent study in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, suggest that in-home occupational therapy reduces the rate and severity of depression in people with impaired vision. 

Researchers compared depression risk scores for two treatment groups: occupational therapy (6 sessions focused on performance of activities that participants rated as difficult and important), and supportive therapy (an equal number of talk therapy sessions with a social worker). 

A greater reduction in depression risk score was observed for the occupational therapy treatment group, and only 12% of participants in this group reported worsening of symptoms, compared to 26% for the the supportive therapy group. 

According to  Ashley Deemer, O.D., instructor of ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “It is good practice not only to refer low vision patients to a mental health expert, but to also suggest low vision rehabilitation and occupational therapy, which could have a huge impact on our patients’ lives.”

Read the full story from Johns Hopkins Medicine

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Evidence for your Practice: Occupational Therapy Fall Reduction Home Visit Program

Article for Review: 
Chu, M. M. L., Fong, K. N. K., Lit, A. C. H., Rainer, T. H., Cheng, S. W. C., Au, F. L. Y., ... & Tong, H. K. (2017). An Occupational Therapy Fall Reduction Home Visit Program for Community‐Dwelling Older Adults in Hong Kong After an Emergency Department Visit for a Fall. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 65(2): 346-372

This randomized control trial investigated the effects of an occupational therapy fall reduction home visit program for older adults admitted to the emergency department (ED) for a fall and discharged directly home. Participants in the intervention group received one home visit from an OT within 2 weeks of hospital discharge. The control group received a well-wishing visit from a research assistant.

Conclusion: One OT visit after a fall was more effective than a well-wishing visit at reducing future falls at 6 months. A booster OT visit at 6 months is suggested.

Read the abstract

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Save the Date: CarFit Technician Training in the Fraser Valley

Interested in becoming a CarFit Technician? CAOT-BC is partnering with the Township of Langley and will be holding another training session and CarFit event!

WHEN:   June 3, 2017
             9:00am-12:00pm (training)
              12:00pm-12:45pm (lunch)
             1:30pm-4:30pm (driver check-ups)

WHERE: Aldergrove Kinsmen Community Centre                         
                26770 29 Ave
                Aldergrove, BC

REGISTER: Deadline May 19, 2017; $25

Includes refreshments & materials
Technician training is limited to 20 participants

Are you already trained as a CarFit technician in one of our previous sessions? Then join this event as a volunteer. Send an email to caotbc@caot.ca if you can help.

CarFit is a quick, yet comprehensive 12-point check-up to ensure mature drivers have a safe fit with their vehicle.  CarFit in Canada is a cooperative program supported by CAOT and the Canadian Automobile Association.

This is a full-day event, where participants will spend their morning training to be a CarFit Technician.  During our afternoon session, we will invite mature drivers to be assessed in their vehicle by the newly trained CarFit Technicians.For more information on CarFit, check out http://www.car-fit.org

Interested in this event coming to your community? Let us know!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

New RASP Category: Supervised Occupational Therapists

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) has requested ACT- Autism Community Training (ACT) to notify all RASP Occupational Therapists (OT) of a new category (Supervised Occupational Therapist) to the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP) effective April 1, 2017.  MCFD, in collaboration with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists – British Columbia (CAOT-BC), the College of Occupational Therapists of British Columbia (COTBC), ACT and the Registry of Autism Service Providers Advisory Panel has developed this new category.

The new category is intended for registered OTs new to the field of ASD who do not have clinical experience working with children with ASD under the age of six.  The intent is to allow OTs to invoice the Autism Funding: Under Age 6 program while they gain experience.  This experience will be gained while under the supervision of an experienced OT who currently qualifies to be on the RASP. 

Those approved as a Supervised OTs will appear on the RASP; information on their Supervisor will also be available. 

For further details on the ACT website please see:

Monday, 20 March 2017

CAOT-BC Dysphagia Practice Network Meeting: March 28, 2017

The Regional Dysphagia Management Team (RDMT), established as a Northern Health resource to build local capacity for managing eating, drinking and swallowing problems for adults, primarily with a complex care focus. Join Judy Wakabayashi (OT), Kate Cooke (Administrative Assistant), Olivia Jebbink (RD) and Julie Lidstone (SLP) and to learn more about this initiative.

This meeting will take place by webinar. Registration is required to participate.

Date: March 28, 2017
Time: 12:00pm – 1:00pm Pacific Time
Free for CAOT-BC members
$15 for non-members

Registration takes only a minute in a few easy steps:

1. Click on registration link

2. Log in to your profile
3. Click "Register"
4. Click "Add to Cart"
5. Click "My Cart"
6. Click "Pay Now"
7. Click "Place Order"
You will receive a confirmation letter immediately after completing your online registration. Please check your spam/junk box, as sometimes these letters can be filtered out of regular email. If you still do not receive a confirmation after completing all the steps, please email caotbc@caot.ca for additional support.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Slocombe: sslocombe@caot.ca

Friday, 17 March 2017

CAOT-BC Rural/Remote Practice Network Planning Meeting

Do you work in a rural or remote practice setting? As follow up to the exploratory meeting, CAOT-BC is holding another meeting to discuss next steps in creating a Rural/Remote Practice Network.

This meeting will take place by webinar. Registration is required to participate. 

Date: March 28, 2017
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm Pacific Time

Location: Webinar
Registration: Send an email to sslocombe@caot.ca

Thursday, 16 March 2017

CAOT-BC Response to Ministry of Health Announcement

On March 9, 2017, Minister of Health, Terry Lake announced $500 million in additional funding for home and community care as well as $10 million for a new long-term care equipment purchase fund for wheelchairs and ceiling lifts for residential care facilities. CAOT-BC was pleased to be at the BC Legislature as a guest of the Ministry of Health to observe the announcement by Minister Lake and Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Darryl Plecas. It was wonderful to be welcomed by Minister Lake and to hear that the funding would improve access to occupational therapy in the residential care sector.

On behalf of the almost 2,400 occupational therapists in British Columbia and all of the clients they serve, Giovanna Boniface, CAOT National Director of Professional Affairs thanked Minister Lake, Dr. Plecas, and MLA Linda Larsen (Chair of the Select Standing Committee on Health) for this commitment.

The increased funding means 1,500 more health care professionals, including occupational therapists, will be hired in British Columbia’s residential care facilities to care for our seniors. It also means each senior will receive the recommended 3.36 hours of direct care provided by nurses and allied health staff, such as occupational therapists, every single day. Despite this commitment, CAOT-BC is still concerned about where those additional occupational therapists will come from. With just 48 occupational therapists graduating from the UBC Faculty of Medicine, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy program every year, it is simply not enough to meet the needs of British Columbia’s growing population of seniors.

CAOT-BC is looking forward to assisting the provincial government in following through on its home and community action plan, and while there is much work to be done with respect to implementation, we are hopeful that access to occupational therapy will be improved for British Columbia seniors.

Read the BC Ministry of Health announcement

Read the full CAOT-BC press release 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Thank you to our Wellness Show Volunteers!

CAOT-BC would like to thank our dedicated volunteers who staffed the CAOT-BC exhibit at this year's Vancouver Wellness Show. 
CAOT-BC Volunteers:

Lisa Bunton
Laura Bulk
Helene Theriault
Hina Mahmood
Anica Villamayor
Julia Periera
Angeli Tabamo
Helen Tam
Negin Maghzy
Rosa Jafari
Lara Belagamage
Clarice Kwok
Jeff Boniface